About Jake Finley:

A Vietnam Veteran, Jake Finley loves working with other Veterans and helping them with VA loans, although he is happy to help with any type of home mortgage program. With 25 years financing experience, Jake has several useful tools to help you consider all your mortgage loan options and help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

Wondering where to start to get approved for a mortgage?

First-time home buyers often look for low down payment or no down payment mortgage options. The Fannie Mae conventional 3% down payment mortgage is a popular choice, as is the FHA 3.5% down payment mortgage.

No down payment mortgage options include the USDA-RD 0% down payment mortgage that enables you to buy a home in an approved rural neighborhood, or the VA 0% down payment mortgage.

“I’m Active Duty or a Veteran. Do I qualify for a VA mortgage?”

My team and I are excited to help you finance your home. If you or your spouse are active duty military or a veteran, we can discuss some mortgage program options that are made specifically for customers like you. A VA loan allows for 0% down payment and you are able to use your VA benefits more than once.

Feel free to call with any questions, I hope to hear from you soon!